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Helping business owners build businesses that fund the lives of their dreams!

Armed with a high school degree, a heaping dose of God-given talent and pure GRIT, Donna Miller built a 7-figure business that’s a force for good, all while raising a family and enjoying work-life integration. 

An overcomer on a mission of excellence

Donna knows hot it feels to fight the odds. She lost 100 pounds (twice, ouch!), is 15 years alcohol-free (despite being raised in an alcoholic home), and was living on her own by 20.

At 32 years old she was ready to buy her employer’s company, but when the offer was unexpectedly declined, Donna was devastated. She could have easily given in or given up.

Instead, she picked herself up, took a course, wrote a business plan, and raised $100,000 to open her own shared office facility. She also got married, became an instant mom to her 2 stepchildren, lost both of her parents, and was commuting an hour to work each way.

But she never looked back. Donna’s successful facility is nearing its 30-year anniversary. She transformed from a micromanager to an inspirational leader, and has learned firsthand what it means to be an overcomer. Leaning into her faith, Donna built a company that is a force for good and now it’s her mission to help others do the same.

“Knowledge is NOT power. APPLIED knowledge is power, and that’s called ACTION.”

Speaking Topics

The Power of Influence

Your brand is built on your story. When you build your brand, you elevate your leadership status. As you excel as a leader you become an influencer. As an influencer, you become a thought leader – THE trusted advisor and a go-to resource. Influence accelerates trust and creates momentum which drives better results. Period. During this engaging and inspiring presentation, Donna will dive into the importance of building your confidence, walk you through the process of crafting your story, and help you capitalize on brand influence.

Masterclass: The One-Page Business Plan

“When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin.

One necessary, and often dreaded task, on the entrepreneurial journey is creating a business plan. It takes time and effort, research, data and analysis. It’s not easy, but if it were everyone would be a successful business owner. Truth is, you simply cannot skip over this success step. Join Donna as she walks you through how to write your own One Page Business Plan. 

Work-Life Balance is BS

In 2020 the line between work and life simply got blurrier and any boundaries we had set in place went out the window as we attended one Zoom meeting after another. On top of that, with our movements restricted by the pandemic, work became our hobby as we worked extended hours just because we could. It’s time to take back some control and create WORK-LIFE INTEGRATION because work-life balance never existed and never actually worked (come on, admit it!)

Join Donna for this fun, interactive and engaging discussion on how YOU can take back control and create some work-life integration.

Want to book Donna for a keynote, workshop, or interview?

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