Resolutions Are BS…Don’t Bother


new year dmbg

A New Year, a new you? Meh?

A New Year, a new start?  Eh?

A New Year with an old perspective?  Intriguing!

As I watch my social media feeds these last several days, I am inundated by New Year suggestions – diets, plans, detoxs, dry Januarys, masterminds and every type of resolution imaginable.  Resolutions … I am not a fan and so I ask you to indulge me in a short rant followed by an alternative ….

IMHO resolutions are failures waiting to happen.  We set the bar too high and we set lofty goals because “it’s a new year, it’s gonna be a new me.”  Believe me, I did it.  By the end of January, I felt twice as bad because a) I still had “the problem” b) I failed at trying to fix it and c) it’s winter and I’m wrestling with a little depression due to the cold, gray weather.  Dang … all that on the heels of celebrating the holidays. So, setting hard and fast resolutions absolutely was an exercise in self-sabotage for me.  How about you?

Okay, rant over.

All that said, I am a gal who believes wholeheartedly in the power of manifestation – everything I have was created from…my thoughts.   If resolutions don’t work, then what now?  For me, I studied a lot about strategic planning:   The 4 Disciplines of Execution (learned a valuable lesson about lead and lag measures), The 4 Hour Work Week (Okay, Tim’s a little batshit brilliant but I learned to work on my MBA – Management by Absence – a key factor in how I built a company that runs & grows without me), The One Thing (a simple strategic planning tool teaching me to take daily action to achieve my someday dreams), Traction (this is some varsity level planning – a tad complex for me).

Early on, Simon Sinek taught me to focus on my WHY.  I learned about Leadership from Jim Collins & John Maxwell.  I got clear on how my faith plays a role in my professional life and all the valuable business lessons in the Bible.  I learned about systems from Michael Gerber & the E-Myth.   I learned to stop apologizing from Rachel Hollis.  I learned I am a goddamn cheetah and I can do hard things from Glennon Doyle.  And, I gained clarity on how to identify “Greenlights” from Matthew McConaughey.

I am a voracious reader.  I am also a successful business owner, entrepreneur & investor with a high school degree and an MBA from the U of FIO (University of Figure it Out).  I am an amalgamation of hundreds, if not thousands of books, courses, seminars, podcasts and … my favorite FIO tool – You Tube videos.

For a long time I was probably searching for the “new” way forward.  That magic bullet or piece of information that would up-level my career, get me on a bigger stage, expand my thought leadership, bring me greater success and allow me to have greater impact.

I’m no longer looking for a shiny new idea – I haven’t for quite some time now.  In fact, I’ve spent the last several years going the low-tech, old-fashioned way.   Don’t get me wrong, I am Chief Visionary Officer, it’s my role to see around corners so I do keep up to date on the new & shiny things and I use the parts that align with my simple, time-tested methods.

Drum roll please …..

And so, 2023 will be my year to be a Go-Giver.  This little red book was a game changer for me – a simple business idea with massive impact.  I read it years ago.  It was an ah ha moment for me and made perfect sense.  And now, through a series of “go-giving” I will be interviewing Bob Burg the author.  Talk about manifesting.  Wowsa.

I’ll be writing and talking about The Go-Giver all year long and today, I’d like to introduce you to Stratospheric Law of Success # 1:  Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in VALUE than you take in payment.

  • Maya Angelou said people will forget what you said or did, but they will remember how you make them FEEL (apologies for the paraphrase) – that’s VALUE
  • Creating an exceptional client experience or user website experience – that’s VALUE
  • Providing meaningful free content – that’s VALUE
  • Giving referrals (in my opinioin the # 1 way to GET referrals) – that’s VALUE
  • Picking up the phone (trust me, it converts like nothing else) to check in on your colleagues and clients – that’s VALUE
  • Learning to truly listen – that’s VALUE

In the book, we are introduced to Joe – a real go GETTER.  I was raised to be a go GETTER too … work hard, show up and you’ll GET ahead.  But it’s not working for Joe & he’s on the brink of major failure.  He begins to meet a small cast of characters that introduce him to the Stratospheric Laws of Success … and some amazing coffee.

Join me on January 10th and all year long as I share more on my simple approach to creating processes based on daily behaviors that lead to massive results and a life beyond your wildest dreams.  Really.  It works.

Donna Miller is a Business Growth Consultant and Chief Visionary Officer at C3Workplace. She and her team have helped literally thousands of companies to start and grow.  She has an innate ability to help you focus on what will drive your business forward and produce massive results.