Resolutions Are BS…Don’t Bother

A New Year, a new you? Meh? A New Year, a new start?  Eh? A New Year with an old perspective?  Intriguing! As I watch my social media feeds these last several days, I am inundated by New Year suggestions – diets, plans, detoxs, dry Januarys, masterminds and every type of resolution imaginable.  Resolutions … […]

Build a Business That Runs Without You

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How do you build a business that runs without you? It doesn’t happen overnight, but there are a few steps you can take to get the process going. Check out Donna’s Miller’s latest on building a solid infrastructure, utilizing the proper technology, empowering a business culture that allows your business to speak for itself, ensuring […]

I Miss the Beach … Avoiding burnout in 2022

We are approaching one year in virtual mode.  We’ve pivoted.  We have and are applying for our PPP loans.  We’ve shifted our meetings to Zoom.  We’ve become comfortable with working largely remotely.  We’ve turned our dining rooms into classrooms.  We’ve done what we can to make sure our team members have what they need and are okay.     Working remotely is great, right? But wait, […]

My Word for 2022: (re)Connect and 3 Steps to Turn That into Strategy

What a s#!t show the last two years have been – or not?  We’ve pivoted, we’ve PPP’d, we’re a tad Zoomed out.  We’ve reimagined holiday and family gatherings (it hurts a tiny bit to write that).  We’ve limited travel (that hurts a LOT) and we’ve watched way too much Netflix (Tiger king? come on people!). […]