What could life be like if you had more freedom in your business?

Imagine a business that generates more revenue without you involved in the day-to-day. Imagine the strategy, people, and systems are in place and humming along. You work when you want. You take off when you want. You’re living your best life, making money while you sleep.

Could you deal with that?

You’ve tried business coaching. You’ve spent tons of money on various marketing activities that haven’t worked. You’ve read books, you’ve taken courses, and you ARE inspired – but it just hasn’t gotten you to where you want to be.

First, I did it the hard way.

Over 25 years ago I opened C3Workplace, an organization that has helped thousands of companies to start and grow. I know what it takes to build an awesome culture and team – this is the foundation for a company that runs without needing me, the Founder & CEO, involved in the day-to-day operations. (yes, those are angels you hear).

It wasn’t always this way, though. The truth is, for the first 10 years of owning C3Workplace, I was the world’s best (worst?) micro-manager. There was no problem I couldn’t make WORSE. I had a partner, I had employees. But still, I believed that no one could possibly do it as well as me.

I was stuck working IN vs ON my business.

I knew I was stuck, and I knew I was my own glass ceiling (OUCH).

I had two choices: quit or change. I’m not a quitter, and failure was never an option, so I began an arduous journey from micro-manager to inspirational leader who seeks to raise up other leaders. It involved a lot of work with a lot of help from a lot of consultants and coaches. 

I learned to delegate without relinquishing control (wait, are those more angels I hear?).

My team and I built systems that were replicatable (the foundation for growth).

I got strategic about living my values out loud, including bringing my faith to my work.

I empowered people. I asked questions instead of “fixing” everything, and I began to raise up leaders.


Yes, it was seriously uncomfortable at first…

Yes, I didn’t always get it right (or even close to right at times)…

Yes, it took outside help…

And yes, I had to invest in that outside help…

BUT… it worked!

C3Workplace now thrives without me involved in the day-to-day operations. I’ve promoted myself from CEO to CVO – Chief Visionary Officer. My CVO role is a part time one with a clear path to my exit strategy (more angels).

Now I’m looking for a few good business owners who are ready to get to this prosperous next level.

I want to help you do what I did: build a profitable and sustainable business that’s a force for good, and rooted in your values. I want to help you harness the power of living those values out loud to create a culture that attracts great talent and great clients.

And I’m not right for everyone.

If you’re looking for a magic bullet – move on. But if you’re willing to work, to change and to think outside the box, I absolutely CAN help you achieve bigger and better.

I bring a God-given ability to see around corners, to align the dots, and to bring laser-focused vision to the strategic process.

Once I’ve helped you articulate your most meaningful goals, we’ll co-create a strategy to achieve them. And I’ll hold you accountable to the work.

This is how we change our businesses, the lives of our teams, our communities, and the world.

I know this is what I’m here to do. How about you?

What my clients are saying…

What could a values-centered business that funds the life of your dreams look like for you?